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Conquest of the Crystal Palace Credits

17 people (15 developers, 2 thanks)


Chief ProgrammerN. Nagase
ProgrammerToubei, Tatsuya Azeyagi (T. Aze), Asm, Mono, Kagami San
Art DirectionBlack Star Oblivion
DesignnerMasanori Hara (Masa), Ginga Teiou, Naoto Nakazawa (N. Nakazawa)
ComposerTomohisa Mitsuyasu (Tomohisa)
Sound ManipulatorMasaharu Iwata (Iwatan)
Game DesignTakaharu Mita (T-Ryuji-Mita)
PlannerGeroyon, Yasumi Matsuno (Yasumi)
Special ThanksJun Saitō, H. Himoto

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