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Conquest of the Crystal Palace Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen (US)
Title screen (Japan)
Part of the introduction when starting a new game
Each level begins with a brief map overview
Gameplay on the first level
Jumping your way up a mountain
Watch out for falling boulders!
Careful of those deadly plants!
Yikes, attack from behind!
Those red bricks fall out from under your feet
You can buy items in Kim's Shop
Kim gives an overview of some new weapons for sale
Fighting two large enemies
Don't fall off of these platforms
Uh oh, I'm surrounded
Jumping holes in the floor as things fall from above
Lookout, incoming tornadoe like serpents!
Uh oh, this guy looks angry!
Make your way through this cave
Riding a cloud across a gap in the floor
Game over, do you want to continue?