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atari kombinera

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The Video Game Critic (Jul 01, 2007)
The controls are simple as can be, but there's plenty of strategy involved with timing your turbo boosts and using the pit stops in the most efficient manner. The tracks tend to be narrow, so there's a lot of bumping going on as you jockey for position. In the pit area, tiny crew members leap out to work on your car, which looks funny but impressive at the same time. This is one of the few games where pit stops really do make a difference! Between races you can easily and quickly use winnings to upgrade your vehicle. Expertly designed and programmed with care, Indy Heat sets the high water mark for old-school racing fun.
Consolemania (Jul, 1993)
Well, approfitto di questo spazio gentilmente concessomi da Jack nella sua recensione, per dire la mia opinione riguardo a questa conversione. Devo dire di essere rimasto piacevolmente colpito da Indy Heat: ci avevo già giocato su Amiga e su Commodore 64, e di quest'ultima versione ho avuto modo di farne anche la recensione su Zzap!. Mi pare quindi di avere tutte le carte in regola per farne un accurato confronto. L'8 bit di casa Nintendo ne esce vincitore sia da un punto di vista grafico (i fondali sono molto più dettagliati e colorati) sia come giocabilità, in quanto il movimento delle macchinine è decisamente più fluido e immediato. Giocare a Indy Heat è dunque una pacchia, è certamente il miglior clone di Super Sprint sulla piazza ed è forse il miglior gioco di quida che mi sia mai capitato di vedere su NES. Beh, state ancora leggendo?
75 (May, 2012)
You could do worse than to subscribe to Danny Sullivan’s Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat. Instead of racing down a vertically-scrolling highway, as in most NES racers, Indy Heat gives you a top-down view of the race. By incorporating this view, your cars look like Micro Machines that you can easily lose because they’re just so darn micro. Fear not: said smallness actually enhances the game. It’s a joy to see six tiny cars travel around a tiny track, all battling for the position of glory, albeit in a tinier way.
NES Archives (Jul 15, 2008)
Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat is a surprisingly fun racing game. If you race alone the game starts to grow old but it always heats up when you have some friends over. Along with this game’s older brother Super Off-Road, this is one of the best 4-Score compatible releases on the NES.
It’s a very simple and somewhat short game with meager presentation, but the nice controls make it fun, the variety of racetracks is pretty good, and the ability for four player simultaneous action provides a nice bonus.

atari kombinera