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Dudes with Attitude NES Title screen


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Questicle.net (Nov, 2011)
If you can get past the severely outdated and misleading name (doesn’t it sound like a beat-em-up where you have to take down all the dudes that run the streets in Anycity U.S.A.?), please play Dudes with Attitude.
The concept is unique for a puzzle game but a little cumbersome in practice, as is the gameplay, which will take some getting used to. There are unlimited lives though, which makes experimenting in the levels less of a risk. The graphics are very simple and there’s not much in the way of music/sound, but the fact that the game’s concept is so different is what the main draw is here.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 24, 2012)
The game quickly progresses from a mindless romp to a full-blown headache, and a "hip attitude" is unconvincing to say the least. Dudes with Attitude has an option to create your own levels, but even if I were stranded on a desert island with this game I could find something better to do with my time.

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