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Dudes with Attitude Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Choose your type of game and your dude.
This is the where you choose what level you want to play. just put th magnifying glass on of the x's on the map.
Before the puzzle begins you are told its name and what you have to do.
Bounce into the green jewels to collect them while being careful not to hit into the enemies.
After the jewels are collected make a break for the stairway exit.
Enter your name after beating a level.
After beating a level you are told how many tries it took you and how much time you had left, plus you are given a password.
The x on the map changes signifying that you have completed that level.
Starting out in the Hi There level.
My dude is red so he can pick up the red heart jewels.
Now that i turned green I can scoop up these green jewels.
A level where you'll have to keep bouncing back and forth through the middle changing colors.
Make sure not to hit into the mines or your dude will shrink.
You can unshrink your dude by bouncing into the red cross brick.
The nutcracker apparently done by Weird Al.
The nutcracker level