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Faxanadu Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
The introduction to a new game
The starting location
Strange creatures can be found throughout the lands
Exploring a town
Continuing a game
There's plenty of fog here...
Hmmm, there's a door here
Characters have funny portraits
Keymaster. Give me your key, or I'll... jump on you!
Bartender! Gimme... hic!!.. a mug o' beer!
This is a weird hospital. Why is the doctor sitting on a throne?..
Wow, thanks for this valuable info!..
Equipment screen
Tower entrance. Pesky spiky guy on the ground
Psychedelic jumping skull-legs
Hey, I dig the hat
Uh-oh, looks like this guy takes matters seriously
Empty plains... crazy leaping enemies... life is a never-ending thrill
Gulchetay, show me your little face!
Ominous castle entrance
Climbing on a ladder. Archers below are really disappointed
Twisted passages. Spooky enemies are looking at me
That's what the game tells you when you die...
Hmmm... and now what?..
Mysterious palace. I've just defeated an enemy and got some money
Environments get darker and darker as the game advances
You can't hurt me, hehehe!..