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Fester's Quest Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Which is stranger event, the foreground or the background?
Uncle Fester shoots up enemies and reveals power-ups with his elephant gun
Giant Holes in the ground like this almost certainly mean you'll need to find another way
The Inventory Screen keeps track of all your items and weapon power-up levels
Hot Dog stands can be used to exchange money for health
Buildings Such as this are where Addams Family characters are waiting to give you items
Most of the cast of the Addams family is here, including Thing
Always be on the lookout for stairs leading down into the underground
Unless Uncle Fester has a light bulb in his mouth, the underground is dark
The sewers are... well, how sewers should look. And crawling with the same things
More gameplay from the sewers
Finding Gray buildings such as this often leads to a maze
The inside of a 3D Maze
As always, it's easy to get lost in 3D
Your objective in each maze is to find the doorway out. There's nothing else in them. Nothing.
Uncle Fester on the street
This boss has long reach
Fighting down the sewer pipe
Another mean old boss monster
Blue frogs that seem to have escaped from Blaster Master
At some point, Fester obtains a whip weapon
This boss has whips also
One of the weapon power-ups shoots 'snakes' of bullets
Pugsley, what are you doing with TNT? Oh right, this is the Addams Family
Shootout by the Hot Dog stand
A particularly difficult boss