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Questicle.net (Apr, 2012)
Other grievances, petty though they may be, include the awful Atari-rendered graphics (what’s with the vomit yellow on the title screen? ANY OTHER COLOR IS BETTER THAN VOMIT YELLOW!) and the wonky music, but mostly it’s frustrating to think that this game wants to be better than it is. It’s certainly ambitious enough, but the NES – or the developers of these types of games, I’m not sure which – seem to have a hard time emulating extreme sports. Not until the 32/64-bit era, which saw Cool Boarders and 1080 Snowboarding did snowboarding really get its due. It’s important that Heavy Shreddin’ tried, but it’s also important that it failed.
The bright snow, green trees, and sweater-wearing skiers look decent, and the looping song that plays throughout won’t drive you nuts, but most gamers will toss this one aside long before mastering the dodgy, delay-plagued controls.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 25, 2009)
Adding insult to injury, the collision detection is so unforgiving that merely brushing against a tree causes your boarder to fall, forcing you to restart the entire stage! Just completing the opening stage requires a flawless run - at full speed no less! The half-pipe stage is a complete sham - a shameful place where terrible graphics collide with incomprehensive controls. Heavy Shreddin' has a few quirky tunes and some bright winter scenery, but these are wasted in a game that most will deem to be worthless.