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The Hunt for Red October Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Title Screen 2
Introduction Text
Carefully maneuvering around underwater obstacles
In black seas, the Red October is under attack
The ECM blast keeps the submarine safe
Soviet subs and underwater mines
Quickly moving past these underwater locks
Mission clear
Cutscene - US negotiator Mr. Pelt
Cutscene - Soviet negotiator Ambassador Lysenko
In the Arctic waters
When you descend the water will change to a darker hue
Some Soviet missile base
Attacked by bombers
US aircraft-carrier
Hostile waters
Some underwater base
I don't know what location this is, but it's full of pointy crystals
In this NES-exclusive level Sean Connery is alone against the whole crew, a set of bombs and a timer
Shooting down the crew
Disarming a bomb