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Jeopardy! is good in that it forces you to think in ways that most video games do not. You don't have to worry about shooting bad guys just over the horizon. All you have to worry about are categories concerning opera. Now that's a challenge, especially if you are just guessing.
Just Games Retro (May 09, 2007)
Jeopardy! the gameshow has been around since 1964, is internationally syndicated, and has its own locally-produced versions in countries across the world. So chances are pretty good that I don't have to tell you the basic premise. As expected, this is the Gametek home version for the NES, and even today it remains an excellent interactive replication of the show.
GameCola.net (Apr, 2004)
Of course, though, if you don't like trivia games, you're certainly not going to like Jeopardy!. I happen to enjoy trivia games quite a bit (especially 'cause they're the one type of game that I can actually beat people at), and this game is a great trivia game, by golly! I've been playing it with my friends ever since I found it in that box all those years ago, even after coming into ownership of newer versions of the title. So, if you like answering seemingly random questions, and proving (or disproving) your intellectual superiority over those you game with, head over to GameStop and pick up Jeopardy! for the NES. Heck, even if you don't you should give Jeopardy! a whirl. It's more than a fun little time waster; it's a darn good game.
NES Archives (Jun 05, 2001)
If you like games that make you use your brain or game shows then this game is the bomb-diggity. The game is quite out-dated but that is part of the fun. It might be wiser to try a later edition because it may be improved.
The game does a good job of translating the game show experience, as questions are appropriately easy or difficult, and there is a nice variety of question categories. You most likely will see the same questions repeated in subsequent games more often than you may like, probably due to memory limitations. If you want a Jeopardy! fix, this title does a fine job.
Questicle.net (Jun, 2012)
Do you want to play Jeopardy until your eyes bleed and your brain begins to ooze out your ears? I know I didn’t, but thanks to the power that comes with playing Nintendo, I was forced to!

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