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Just Breed Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
The story...
Your hometown
Actions menu
Alone, on the sea shore...
Firis is kidnapped!
In your house
Just when you leave the town, a battle awaits you...
Character stats
Enemies wiped out - "normal" traveling on the world map
Visiting a strange magician who casts a red spell at you without even asking
Dangerous situation... those bees aren't very friendly
A town carved into a hill
Once active, monster dens (the red hole in the ground) breed new monsters every turn
Drank too much
Your parties often have to take different paths in battles
One of the earlier larger battles
In a bar
There are detailed portraits for every monster
In a dungeon only your generals are fighting. It's too cramped to take all troops with you
A desert town inhabited solely by old people
Protecting some villagers who are trying to dig a well. A magician is casting a sleep spell
Casting an ice spell against a boss
In a big town
Winga, a town moving through the desert
Victory pose
team vs Rats
meet girl near the tree
some enemies