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Kid Icarus Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Title screen (Famicom Disk System)
The game management screen (Famicom Disk System)
Hey, I got an arrow and you don't!
Crosses in a Nintendo game!
If you get spotted by the reaper, he (or is it a she?) goes crazy, and calls for the reapettes. And they are more dangerous than they look.
Making a difficult jump in this unforgiving game. Even though you have wings, you can't actually fly (with a few exceptions). If you fall, you have to start over from the beginning of the level.
The first three levels takes place in the Underworld, deep beneath the surface of Angel-land.
You have to open the pots in the correct order, or the God of Poverty will show his ugly face. If you open the pot he is in, you don't get any treasures from the room.
Hearts are the currency used in Angel-land. Collect them from enemies you have killed.
Getting the bronze arrow upgrade. Now I can kill enemies even faster!
These enemies looks like noses with eyes and a moustache. I would classify them as the most bizarre monster in the game...
Every fourth level is a fortress. They are confusing labyrinths, and a boss monster is waiting for you in the last room.
Meet the eggplant wizards. They can transform you into an eggplant. You can't use your bow in that state, and have to visit a hospital to cure yourself.
Fortunately, I have found the hospital, and the nurse is kind enough to cure my horrible condition...
This is Twin-bellows, the boss in the first fortress.
After the first fortress, you reach the Over-world. Here the game scrolls horizontally (it scrolls vertically in the Underworld).
These platforms are slippery, so watch your step.
The night has fallen...and rock-men drop down from the sky.
Centurions that have been turned to stone can be set free if you hit them with a hammer. They will help you later, when you fight the next boss.
My items, score, and other stuff. You can also see the map here, if you are in a fortress. You have to find the map first though.
The second boss. Some centurions are helping me fight him. Unfortunately, they are rather worthless, and will die in a matter of seconds.
You can continue the game from a former session with the help of a password.
The third world... You are among the clouds, high up in the sky. And now the game scrolls vertically again.
The crystals circling me in many screenshots are special protective weapons that damage enemies on contact. And are those enemies metroids by the way?
If these thieves catches you, they steal one of your special weapons.
You get big hearts from killing some of the harder enemies. They are worth ten small hearts.
A dangerous room in the third fortress, filled with deadly traps.
After the third fortress, you finally get a chance to fly, with the help of the Pegasus wings. You can use the light arrows and the mirror shield also.
The battle against Medusa.
Bow to hunt snakes
Beholders-like creatures
Game over
Hammers time
Anthropomorphic death