Kirby's Adventure Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Beginning a level
Starting a new game
Floating past some enemies
The door to level two
Use the claw to try to earn bonus lives
Watch out for all sorts of creatures
Devour creatures and spit them out
Eat the blocks this guy tosses at you and then use them as weapons
A door to a new part of the level
Watch out for spikes
Hat duel
Kirby flies well
Levels are very colorful
Riding a warp star.
Inside a museum. Museums keep weapons for you and you can pick them up for use in other levels.
Using the Freeze weapon to turn enemies into ice blocks.
The needle weapon turns you into a real hazard.
This tree boss is not too tough.
The Crash power-up makes you shoot around the screen like a rocket.
Tornado-ing through the treetops.
The egg catching bonus game.
The Wheel bonus turns you into a wheel and you can rip through levels and enemies alike.
Inside the arena.
The High-Jump power-up does just that.
This artist boss can bring to life what he paints.
You fight this beetle guy a few times. He teaches you how to thrown down.
The hammer is good for bashing through obstacles quickly.
Fireball power-up is handy in this dark level. Find a light and turn it on.
Inside a warp zone.
The bosses of this level are the sun and the moon, taking turns beating you.
The UFO power-up lets you float around on a level.
WTF kinda power-up is Sleep?!
Using the Fire power-up to light the fuse.
Be careful on this moving level not to fall down!
This boss is like greased lightning.
This Lion boss is vicious.
An interesting boss confrontation. While this boss tears through this level you must follow him and shoot when his rear panels open to shoot you. It's as tough as it sounds!
Boarding a ship.
end of level
Gameboy-inspired level (Kirby showing it's roots)
Final boss - Nightmare Vampire
Extra game
Cute Kirby listens to music