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Kyatto Ninden Teyandee Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Every stage has its own opening story; here's Level 1's opening.
Teyandee! Yattarou doesn't seem too happy with Ko'on No Kami's schemes!
You can choose between either one of the three Nyankiis before each stage begins.
Yattarou demonstrates how blurry feet can be used to run faster.
Yattarou uses his trusty sword to dispatch his enemies.
Sukashii uses his Umbrella as his main weapon.
Pururun uses her claws, which have the advantage of striking twice during the same attack!
Picking up this symbol will increase your special attack's level by one.
These flying eggs contain healing or power recovery items.
The Nyankiis face several different types of enemies in their adventures.
Rikinoshin is capable of tearing down barriers with his bare hands.
Gotton can drill through certain walls and reach some special items.
Mietoru can soar above the enemies using his wings and rotors.
Nekkii is the best there is at swimming!
Don't let those Ninja Crows get you!
A bit of story before the boss - Yattarou confronts his enemies!
Karamaru is the leader of the Ninja Crows, and he's usually around if there's trouble in town.
Yattarou uses his special attack to destroy Stage 1's boss.
The Nyankiis are victorious!
Ko'on No Kami isn't too happy...
Once you beat certain levels, you'll be able to choose the next stage you want to tackle.
Dust from enemy
Hearts and Japanese game about ninja cats. I understand....
Playing Octopus
Underwater fight against armored enemy.
Small octopus
Go to ladder, escape far away from enemy.
Run faster!
Typical mess