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Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen 1
Title Screen 2
Option to start a new game or continue an old one.
Screen announcing your current location.
Where you start out.
Fighting with an enemy.
An enemy lays defeated.
Going to grab a key.
Level 1, "The Park": The Joggler.
Any relation with this dangerous joggler and the Mexican Calacas I'm not sure if it's coincidental.
Level 1, "The Park": Women's toilet strategy (Nunchaku).
- There's a guy inside retouching himself for more than 1/2 an hour...
- I'll be a man and go to the ladies'...
Level 1, "The Park": The Boat.
(sounds of Armakuni trying really hard to reach the boat with his )
Level 1, "The Park": Passage to "The Street".
Level 2, "The Street": Starting point.
Level 2, "The Street": Semaphore.
Beware the disposition of the semaphores, red can be green and green can be red.
Level 2, "The Street": The sacred Katana.
Worshipping the spirit of steel forged on the deadliest blade.
Level 2, "The Street": The Corner.
Never cease to be vigilant.
Level 2, "The Street": Manhole key.
- What a nice place for changing clothes...
Level 2, "The Street": Nice old ladies throwing vases.
- I dunno what these people have against ninjas...
Level 2, "The Street": Awaiting.
A predator silently awaits for his prey to awake.
Level 2, "The Street": Passage to "The Sewers".
Level 3, "The Sewers": Starting point.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Jumping.
Beware that the tarantula is near.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Manhole key.
- I was positive this place had a ladder somewhere... nah... reincarnation flashes most certainly.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Down bellow.
The manhole the key was meant for.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Pick the right one.
- Boy, what a sight...
Level 3, "The Sewers": Packs of Rats.
- He went over there!
(Armakuni deceived the hungry rats using the psychic powers of the Shadow Warrior. He became invisible too.)
Level 3, "The Sewers": Torches.
"A torch will give you light in the end of this journey"
(in fact this is a very subtle hint for the end of this level)
Level 3, "The Sewers": Time to pick one.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Strategy.
- ...and then you ask me: "was there anything that you liked being there?"
- ...and I say: "Yeah, I'd go and visit your mother once in a while."
Level 3, "The Sewers": Big Lizard.
- It's me, uncle Armakuni... come here you stupid...
Level 4, "The Office": Starting point.
In NES version, the levels "Basement" and "Office" are joined in one level.
- Who's next, aye?
Level 4, "The Office": The Panther.
- And if our prettiest kitty in the world would allow sweet uncle Armakuni to enter in this lovely elevator?
Level 4, "The Office": First room.
(While this guard tenderly sings to the plants the song "Cherry Blossoms", Armakuni sneaks behind him wondering what in a heck is this all about)
Level 4, "The Office": Nanban art I.
Nanban because the aesthetics of these 3 scenarios resemble the respective Japanese art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Level 4, "The Office": Nanban art III.
Almost every room has a guard. Each one more difficult than the previous.
Level 4, "The Office": Nanban art III.
The inkstand functions as a lever opening a secret passage.
Level 4, "The Office": Real light.
This secret room leads directly to the roof's access.
Level 4, "The Office": The huge ventilator.
Armakuni is preventively glued to the wall not knowing how to surpass this obstacle. A strong air-stream pushes him out of the building.
Level 4, "The Office": Climbing to the roof.
A last thug awaits you at the end of this ladder.
Level 4, "The Office": Inner Circle.
In a hurry to pick up Inner Circle's chopper which is waiting for Armakuni at the next scenario just for a brief period of time.
Level 5, "The Mansion": Starting Point.
The first task of this level is to be dropped correctly from the Inner Circle's chopper.
Level 5, "The Mansion": No alarms.
The next task is to choose the right place to fall from the roof's window. This is the room next to the falling place.
Level 5, "The Mansion": The rope.
(Armakuni is questioning himself about the correctness of the ninja code)
Level 5, "The Mansion": Where the rope fits.
This is the room where food is delivered through the elevator. You'll use the rope on it.
Level 5, "The Mansion": The "Secret Door...".
Next to the kitchen, this "secret door" leads to the cellar of the mansion where our nemesis is hidden.
Level 6, "The Final Battle": The heat system core.
A good punch resolves everything.
Level 6, "The Final Battle": This is it!
Take a deep breath, review what has do be done, which magic tricks you'll expect because the showdown is going to happen.
Level 6, "The Final Battle": The evil spirit.
The evil spirit of Kunitoki was defeated and Armakuni received a special hat.
And that's all folks!
- How about we put the past behind our backs and open a new chapter?
- Shall we dance?