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The Legend of Zelda Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Title Screen (Famicom Disk System version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
The opening story
Game management screen
Starting a new game
The inventory screen
Explore the land of Hyrule
Purchase items to help out on your quest
The entrance to a labyrinth
Beginning to explore a labyrinth
Ah, a key! Could be useful later on...
There are a wide variety of enemies both above and below ground
The boomerang can be used to stun enemies for a brief period of time. And it can even kill weaker monsters.
Exploring the desert. These enemies can burrow in the sand, and emerge where you least expect it.
Some rooms are completely dark, so you need a candle to be able to see what you are doing.
A fairy is restoring my health.
Moving a boulder and finding a hidden stairway.
Enemies that you must strike from behind or from the sides. Otherwise, they will just block your attacks.
This plant-thing called Manhandla is the boss in the third dungeon.
Finding the raft!
Using the raft to get across the water.
A dragon with two heads. He can spit fireballs, so be careful!
Link has found another piece of the Triforce!
You can explore the land of Hyrule in an almost completely non-linear way. Some items are needed to reach certain places though.
Seems like this graveyard is haunted. Let's do an exorcism with my sword!
If you buy the big shield (you start out with a small one), even fireballs like these can be blocked.
You can blow holes in some walls.
Exploring some mountains, trying to kill jumping spiders called tektites.
The ghostlike wizzrobes can be a real pain to kill. Some of them can teleport, and their attacks do massive damage.
Ghoma must be hit in his eye with an arrow, not as easy as it sounds...
Ground worms
Harder overworld enemies
Pols Voices - these can be defeated by yelling into the controller's microphone in the Famicom version
Magic wand + Magic book make a powerful weapon
To defeat Patra you first need to kill the outer group
Dungeons become more and more complex as the game goes on
Ganon and the Triforce