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Little Samson Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
The bad guy busts out of prison
The situation is dire, and the emperor sends off 4 messenger birds to summon the 4 Magical Bell bearers
Little Samson heeds the call
Introducing Kikira, the Dragon Lord
Gamm, the Rock Lord, receiving his royal invitation
K.O., the Mouse Lord, is also invited to the emperor's get-together
The password entry screen
Each character must make the journey to the imperial palace
Samson can hang from ceilings and climb walls
Samson has made it to the castle; the other 3 will soon follow
The other characters would be in pain right now, but Gamm doesn't feel a thing when standing on spikes
K.O. can scurry along ceilings and plant time-delay bombs for dealing with enemies
The 4 adventurers are assembled and are to combine into Samson's bell
Kikira does not go along at first, by Samson persuades her after a short rumble
The main map
Starting out in the ruins
The status screen, where the player can select other characters, and also use health-restoring potions
The first boss, his first form
The first boss, transformed into a fish-creature
Kikira uses her limited flight capability to cross long gaps
Second boss
Gamm showing off his long punch while fighting some spry enemies
K.O. bypasses the spiked platforms and lays some bombs for an enemy
K.O. can cruise across this swamp that would slow down the other players
Alien-influenced boss monster
Platforms in this level keep disappearing and reappearing, even though they are always present
A collaborative skull boss
Gamm uses his power of not being hurt by spikes in order to collect a valuable 1up
In this level, there are moving platforms to help the player cross spikes-- or Gamm can take care of the traversal
A mean knight boss
The fire-breathing dragon crosses lava
Dragon on dragon violence
A grim reaper boss
In a castle, crossing the spikes the easy way (with Gamm)
Powerful wizard boss
The boss turns into this very nasty head
Game over screen