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91 (Aug, 2012)
The Magic of Scheherazade might be one of the best examples of genre-splicing the NES has to offer. It takes equal parts RPG (explore towns! Random battles! Leveling up!) and action (Zelda-esque world maps! Direct combat! Linear progression!), a little bit of tactics (accumulate different partners and up to fifty mercenaries, each with different skills, to battle with you!), and a surprising amount of time-travel (past, present, future, it’s all here!).
90 (Jan 01, 2018)
The Magic of Scheherazade is the best 8-bit RPG of all time in my opinion and a game ahead of its time. Even now many of its features stand out within the genre and its craftsmanship is still superb. It truly is a crime that this masterpiece did not get the recognition it deserved at the time. Well I’m here now to sing its praises; Magic of Scheherazade is one of the greatest NES games of all time.
This game has an excellent story, delightful characters, varied and exciting gameplay, and an ending that will touch your heart.
That's why I found myself coming back to Magic of Scheherazade in 2011 -- it combines weirdness with efficiency. The weirdness caused the game to stick out in my mind -- it's hard to forget watching one ally shrieking at another about his love of money while your party is taking a magic carpet ride from one world to the next. But the well-executed gameplay is what makes this more than just a curiosity. Some aspects of it strike me as unnecessary fluff, but even those are handled with competence, which wasn't a given back in the days of the NES. This isn't a must-play blockbuster title, but it is pretty good entertainment for adventure fans.
NES Archives (Mar 31, 2009)
While it certainly isn’t as good as The Legend of Zelda, The Magic of Scheherazade is unique enough to have a rabid following. While I don’t think it’s an amazing game there are a number of people who appreciate the RPG aspect of the game enough to call it one of the best games on the NES. For me it is just a great idea mixed into a decent game. If you love RPG/Adventure games then it’s a must-own otherwise you can probably pass on it.
An interesting variation of the normal RPG that relies more on graphics to support the quest than similar efforts. the graphics, unfortunately, are nothing revolutionary, but the quest has its high point and the interaction between the game is handled nicely. Nothing sensational.
Random Access (Sep 08, 2014)
Yes, that's The Magic of Skippy/Scheherazade in a nutshell. It's very unusual to play, and many a casual gamer will be turned away from its somewhat opaque dialogue, confusing maze-like areas, and irritating battles. But if you dig deep enough and maintain a certain level of patience, you'll discover that it's not entirely bad. Journeying through the countryside has its charm at times, and nothing beats the thrill of jabbing a green bee in the neck fat as it flies innocently and aimlessly around one square parcel of land. Yes, The Magic of Scheherazade is alive in all our hearts. It just gives us arrhythmia.h