Nazo no Magazine Disk - Nazoler Land Dai-3 Gō Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Flip the disk over message
Game menu
Sugoro Quiz - Choose the number of players
Sugoro Quiz - The board game map
Sugoro Quiz - Multiple choice quiz
Sugoro Quiz - Die roll
Tomo-chan Bakuso - starting out
Tomo-chan Bakuso - Try to avoid using paths that contain arrows
Tanteidan boy Nazora - Hopefully this room won't be my tomb
Tanteidan boy Nazora - What should I try to manipulate first?
Bingo Game - Title screen
Bingo Game - Bingo card
Bingo Game - Seeing the number being called
Nazoler Box Corner Hearing - Tomo giving the player information
Nazoler Box Miss Nazoler Contest - Title screen
Nazoler Box Miss Nazoler Contest - The Sunsoft building
Nazoler Box Miss Nazoler Contest - Let's see who won