Panic Restaurant Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen (US)
Title screen (Japan)
Fighting a roast chicken.
Ohdove informs you that he has taken over your restaurant!
Your restaurant is called 'Eaten'.
In between each stage you get to play the slot machine to earn bonuses.
Big and small onions in your way
Jumping on a fork, trying to hit the walking jello(!).
The frying pan is your main weapon.
An attacking toaster in the kitchen
All enemies are food inspired.
The level 4 boss is a jumping hamburger.
Each level is a course on the menu.
The fifth level takes place in the freezer.
Dancing ice cream cones
Level 5 boss
The last stage is a bit spooky.
Final boss fight against Ohdove takes place flying above the restaurant.
Japanese version - the menu
Japanese version stars a different protagonist (Kokkun) who attacks with his head rather than a frying pan
Bonus mini-game in which you need to catch fish for points, but avoid the bombs
Funny ducking animation (Japanese version)
Frying pan item grants invincibility for a short time (Japanese version)
Game over (US and Euro version)
Game over (Japanese version)
Microwave boss (Japanese version)
Level cleared (Japanese version)
Throwing plates at a fried egg (Japanese version)
Burned by the oven (Japanese version)
Death animation is funny too (Japanese version)
Another mini-game - catch eggs, but avoid bombs
Frying pan boss (Japanese version)
Flying shish kebab (Japanese version)
That hat below is a 1-up. Not easy to get, but it is possible.
Evil shooting spaghetti packs
The Japanese version of the game, unlike other versions, has credits roll after the ending