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Prince of Persia Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Title Screen #2
Cimbing a wall
About to be stabbed
Jumping a pit of spikes
Long jump
Escape the level after finally opening the exit door
Do battle with a green guard
The first battle with a skeleton
Negotiating the chomper trap
Escape the dungeon and battle through the main castle
Exiting a level in the main castle
A pivotal part of Prince of Persia where you crash through a mirror and release a malevolent reflection
Dealing with 2 chompers whilst your reflection steals your potion
Battling against the backdrop of a starry night
Our hero finds himself back in the dungeon; in this segment, he drinks a potion which makes him float gently down during a fall that would normally kill him
The mouse on the far ledge helps out by pressing the switch stone
This may look like the dungeon, but it actually has windows