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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall User Score (22 votes) 3.5

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Rush'n'Attack relies largely on the great two-player action to overcome its not-so-hot in-game appearance. Ignore the ethics and get blasting those Russians!
Zero (Dec, 1989)
The enemy soldiers all come at you in roughly the same place with each game, which means that you can spend time working out how to get round certain problems. This always makes things more interesting and never more so than in Rush'N Attack. While the option for simultaneous play with a second player is one of the game's best features.
Retroage (Mar 07, 2010)
Dlaczego komandos „Zielonych Beretów” ma niebieskie nakrycie głowy (lub czerwone w przypadku drugiego gracza), jak wytrzymuje 20sto stopniowe mrozy w krótkim rękawku i przede wszystkim, dlaczego ci kolesie w czerwonych gaciach zawsze chcą nas sprzątnąć z wyskoku zamiast wyciągnąć gnata? Takich pytań jest o wiele więcej, ale pamiętajmy, że to tylko gra, która przede wszystkim ma dobrze bawić. Ta sztuka udaje się jej znakomicie, chociaż mi osobiście pozostaje do dnia dzisiejszego ogromny niedosyt – komandos bez karabinu? Gdzie do cholery jest broń, z której mógłbym pruć do wrogów nie martwiąc się o zmianę kolejnych magazynków!? Mimo tego bez wahania polecam wam Green Beret. Jeśli podobają się wam inne produkcje Konami w stylu Contry to i tą pozycją nie będziecie zawiedzieni.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 08, 2003)
The background graphics are interesting, featuring massive missile launchers, cargo planes, and enemy watchtowers. The game can be extremely difficult game without one vital piece of information: To defeat the jump-kickers, jump straight up and stab. Once you get that move down, progress comes a bit easier. Whenever possible, try to save your shooting ammo for the bosses. Each of the six stages requires some strategic thinking, and experience is the best teacher. The background music is quite memorable and the controls are responsive. Rush 'N Attack provides no continues, so you'll need to be a pretty skilled player to reach the later stages. The two-player mode is fair, but this game is better suited for solo action.
While the enemy bosses aren’t too interesting overall (two of them are simply a line of soldiers coming at the player), the rest of the package presented here comes together to form a pretty fun, fast-paced arcade-style experience.
Retro Game Reviews (Mar 02, 2015)
Rush'n Attack is a limited and flawed game but it's also good, dumb fun. It's the sort of title that you'll occasionally boot up for a quick blast but if you actually put the time into it you'll likely start to appreciate its unique arcade style gameplay.
1UP! (Jul 16, 2010)
La vérité est que Rush'N Attack en fait moins que ses contemporains; tous ses défauts ne sont pas imputables à son grand âge, qui aurait tendance à lui servir un peu trop facilement d'excuse. En 1986 et 1987, sur cartouches comme sur disques, il y avait des jeux plus beaux, plus longs et surtout plus fouillés. Une fois qu'on a compris cela, plus de doute possible: Rush'N Attack est de toute évidence un jeu moyen, doté d'un point de départ assez intéressant mais qui oublie de se développer. Konami n'a pas voulu en faire plus que la borne d'arcade qui était elle-même bien moyenne, sans qualités prononcées. Sa jouabilité vieillotte (on saute avec Haut, comme dans Kung Fu !) est tout de même ce qui le sauve. Précise et dynamique, elle donne envie de persévérer, d'éradiquer le péril rouge et de désosser l'U.R.S.S., seul ou avec un ami.
67 (Apr, 2013)
Personally, it’s nice to have an aggressive old-school challenge every so often, but this is definitely an “if you’re in the mood” type of game. Rush’n Attack shanks for keeps.