Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Amiga (US) & Atari ST (UK):

    "Hey you! Howzabout a friendly little game of Shufflepuck?"

    Well, maybe not so friendly.

    You've stumbled into the galaxy's last den of air hockey enthusiasts. And these goons take their Shufflepuck seriously.

    If you lose, you'll deserve their contempt.

    If you win, you'll earn their resentment.

    But what choice do you have? It's clear you're now walking out of this dive until you've played the entire gang of intergalactic misfits. It could be the sports massacre of the 25th century.

    Okay, you Brillian barflys, you're on. And may the best Shufflepucker win!

    • Nine different opponents, each with a unique personality and style of play. Some of them even talk back to you!

    • First player to score 15 points wins (the barroom droid keeps score).

    • At last, an arcade game that's perfect for everyone. It's so easy to play... but so hard to beat.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Apr 16, 2011.

Back of Box - Amiga Astra Pack Release (UK):
    You are the galaxy's most successful Krypton-3 salesman. Your Space Transporter breaks down on the way home. You coast off the space highway and free wheel into a very sinister neighbourhood. The only sign of life is from a run down building across the street. You enter the room to find several pairs of hostile eyes, and a few sets of three, glaring at you. You're trapped! The only things between you and the phone, which you can use to call for assistance, are a few 'friendly' games of Shufflepuck, eight galactic misfits and an obsolete droid. You can't walk out of this dive, until you've played the entire gang of intergalactic misfits. Lose and you earn their contempt. Win and earn their resentment! Relax, what could be easier. Shufflepuck is perfect for everyone.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Apr 16, 2011.