Sid Meier's Pirates! Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Main menu
Naming your pirate, choosing his special ability
Intro for your character
Talking to governor
Local news
Buying stuff
Personal status
Nice weather...
City information
Ship ahoy!
Ship battle
Another intro for another character
What to do with the town?
Fighting the guard's captain.
We plundered the Spanish city of La Vega.
What shall we do with this Galleon?
Visiting Santa Catalina.
This does not look good, I have only 12 men left!
Lost the battle and got Imprisoned.
You can buy information on other cities.
That Pirate offers a treasure map.
The treasure is somewhere near Campeche.
Governor's Daughter: Ugly - don't get stuck with her if you have the choice.
Governor's Daughter: Plain
Governor's Daughter: Getting better.
Governor's daughter: the most beautiful one and the one that I hope to be able to marry
Visiting a town.
Ship lost
"Little troubles"
Like a Crusoe
To the town for rum!
Tavern guys to recruit
Pirate ship
City in land