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Snake's Revenge Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Title Screen (PAL version)
Metal Gear 1 tech specs
Meet John and Nick, your new FOX-HOUND allies!
Can you accomplish this dangerous mission?
Getting ready for action
Infiltrate the enemy's territory while avoiding searchlights.
Beware of the soldiers in gyrocopters that are patrolling the area.
Snake saves a grateful hostage.
Snake has reached the entrance to the warehouse, but he's gonna need help to get inside.
Discovered by the Enemy! If only one exclamation mark appears over the guard's head, you can simply escape to the next screen.....
...however. If two exclamation marks appear, then you must neutralize the enemy until reinforcement stop coming.
If the player takes out an enemy during stealth mode with his punches, the enemy can sometime leave a ration or ammo.
Interrogate captured officers with the truth gas.
One of the game's few side-scrolling segments.
Five soldiers encased in hard armor awaits to ambush Snake.
Snake leaves the warehouse.....
...and finds himself on a cargo ship...
...where the mass-produced Metal Gear units are being transferred!
Use the Radar Map to track down any signal from your allies.
What lies beyond the prison camp?
The mysterious Jennifer, an old ally from Outer Heaven, but is she a friend or foe this time?
Your weapons...
...and equipment.