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Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Solar Jetman in the opening sequence
The mother ship lands on one of the twelve worlds
The jetpod leaving the mother ship
Heading off to explore
The jetpod has been destroyed
Solar Jetman climbs into a new jetpod
Dragging back part of the golden warpship
The crystals you collect along the way are rare and valuable and shiny
Shields Up, Mr. Sulu... we're under attack by some glowing blue orbs that can affect gravity!
Tractoring home a prize such as this blue thing will surely help!
Pieces of the Golden Warpship itself are locked up in boxes such as these. You don't need a key, but you do need to throw it into the swirly hole and pick it up on the other side
The Golden Warpship has been divided into pieces for safekeeping...
The Federation of Space Loonies wants You!! Actually, it's best just to ignore the "storyline" ;)
Between planets you can restock and purchase new weapons based on the goodies you've collected (i.e. score)
There are plenty of planets to explore, like this one. Some of the best graphics to ever grace a NES.
Approaching a Planet will yeild information on it's size and gravity