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Star Wars Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

The movie title in all its campy, classic glory!
20th Century... Namco?
The game's in Japanese, but at least we get an English intro.
There's two difficulty levels... Novice is hard enough, I wonder how Pro is.
''Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi... You're my only hope!''
A couple of naughty Jawas steal R2-D2!
It's up to Luke to rescue R2 from being sold for scrap.
Make sure you don't fall into a sand trap!
Sandpeople don't stand a chance against Luke's lightsaber.
Now that's a huge Sandcrawler.
Why is there an Imperial Stormtrooper inside the sandcrawler? We will never know.
Grab this icon to gain access to your Jedi powers!
There's seven different skills you can use depending on the situation you face.
What's Darth Vader doing in a Jawa vehicle?!
Oh wait, it's just a huge scorpion. Phew.
Hey, there's R2-D2! And a couple of Jawas, too.
And they're all happy because you saved them!
Pick up that icon to use your Landspeeder.
You're basically invincible until you hit a wall.
At the end of Level 1, the Millennium Falcon leaves Tatooine...
Obi-Wan sez: Shoot those enemy fighters!
Dogfight in space!
Han's ship arrives at a strange planet...
And this stage isn't in the movie, so who knows what's going on.
Vader mocks your suckyness!