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Strider Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Introduction about the Striders
Our hero, Hiryu
The space station, Blue Dragon
Hiryu is given his mission to find Kain
Slashing through a low level enemy
Zip Tubes can transport Hiryu at high speeds
The status screen keeps track of abilities, keys and data disks found
Holding Up raises the Cypher above the head... good for poking enemies above
The hi-tech looking Phantom Train
Up the side of a pyramid in Egypt
This motorcycle enemy moves quickly from one side of the screen to the other
Finding Disks, Keys and other items is important
A pair of boots.
These boots let Hiryu walk on water!
Tricky Blade Trap
In Japan, a mechanical claw seeks to stop our strider
Laser Guns on the roof
This shielded enemy is vulnerable only via his jumping speed
Magnetic Boots defy the laws of gravity
Deep in the jungles of Africa
This enemy shoots out sparks along the ground
Another spark thrower somewhere else
This may look simple, but here is the hardest "Triangle Jump" (bouncing off walls) in the entire game
Inside a mountain, enemies leap from the ceiling
The beauty of Australia
The password screen ends your game and gives you a short write-up of the story so far...
An computer system of some importance
Blade Ninjas
Terminals of the Zain project