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Super Mario Bros. Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Starting a new game
Hidden areas contain goodies.
Slide down the flagpole to complete the level.
Some worlds are underground.
Sometimes you can just avoid the trouble.
Mario slips down a pipe; a piranha plant slips out of another.
A hidden warp zone
Fiery Mario tosses a few fireballs.
Invincible Mario discovers a beanstalk...
...leading to coins in the sky.
Swimming with cheep-cheeps and a blooper
Cheep-cheeps can be found jumping through the air, too.
Some levels take place at night.
The dangerous Hamer Bros.
Kicking a shell is a good way to clear the path.
Way off the ground
Jumping over the Flagpole in 3-3. Practise makes Perfect!
Every fourth level is in a castle.
Get used to seeing this.
Lakitu tossing spinies
Very short scenes connect the levels.
Classic mushroom look
Bullet Bills and buzzy beetle? Mario's days are numbered.
Also starring Player 2 as Luigi.
Hello! I'm here!
Angry plant
a winter level
out of lives
Are you good at jumping on springs?
At later levels the fake Bowser become stronger
Careful jumping required
Don't you love Lakitu?
Take a look at the top of the screen. When you beat the game, the second quest is unlocked, which is a bit harder, but you can select any world
An example of what's different in the 2nd quest: in level 1-1 instead of harmless Goombas you get these armored Buzzy Beetles