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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen. Choose 1 or 2 simultaneous players and if turtles can hit each other or not.
The beginning of the presentation. The game takes place in New York.
Choose Your Ninja Turtle
Here are the turtles.
The 3rd game is very similar to the 2nd one, but has some better graphics.
Foot Clan soldiers are back again...
The bosses are monochromatic in this game, as they were in TMNT 2. Here is Rocksteady.
There's also a stage on the sea.
Ninja Turtles aboard a military aircraft
Caught in a barrel, the ninja turtle is stuck
Bebop shows off his new truck and explosives
Boomerang Foot soldiers attacking, and putting many sprites on the screen
This conveyor belt speeds along while laser beams shock the turtles
Heavy objects can flatten an unsuspecting turtle
Shredder's latest plan is to steal Manhattan island
The foot clan has all the latest weaponry and action figure playsets
The floot clan attacks from a flying transport
Mike asks for help from a passer-by
Leatherhead doesn't take any attitude from anybody. I guarantee.
Fying mosquito bots
The Mother of all Mousers
Quick firing robots guard the technodrome
Krang has an army of rock soldiers to protect him
Foot Clan Harpoon soldiers attack!
Get too close to any foot clan ninja and they might grab the ninja turtle
Heavy objects thrown at an elevator attached to the side of a building
Groundchuck grabs a pipe to pummel Leonardo with
Beware the White Ninja!
Flying Moth-bots
Title screen (Japanese version)
Intro in Japanese version
Subway boss is no joke
Rooftops level (after the elevator)
The last part of spaceship level
Shredder is about to...
...become the Super Shredder!
Secret options menu (Japanese version only)
Secret message from the developers (Japanese version only)