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Time Zone Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
You are attacked by Dr. Time
He steals your friend, then he jumps on you
You start out in the eventful year of 1991
Your progress is shown on an overhead map
Throw your cap at the bees
The cars work as trampolines
After collecting enough bells, you can skateboard like Wonderboy
Your bonus is calculated by how high you jump at the rope
On the forced-scrolling rollercoaster stage
You ran into a bee
Count the number of red bees
If you guess correctly, you earn three extra lives
The third level with platforms raising and sinking in the water
Calculate your jump here
In the final 1991 level, the factory
Crushed like Sonic in Robotnik's laboratory
Spikes coming out of the floor, how creative
The boss is an angry jumping car
The car is defeated
A short intermission
That Dr. Time always has a card in his sleeve
You have arrived in the age of dinosaurs and volcanos
The map of the dinosaur era
Even now, some dinosaurs are extinct
Jump on the floating spine
Hit by a volcano eruption
The second level has forced scrolling and pteranodons
This time, the tyrannosaurus rex is the quizmaster
Game over