To the Earth (NES)

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Written by  :  Big C (58)
Written on  :  Nov 07, 2003

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To the Off-Switch more like..

The Good

The music, for me its the right choice to create a space mood/atmosphere. The sound effects were ok too, as were the graphics for the time. Apart from that I'm rather stuck for positives, as I didnt rate this game at all.

The Bad

The whole premise of the fact that to stop your shield decreasing, you have to shoot the asteroids, but if you shoot the asteroids, it makes your shield decrease(with every shot), but if you dont shoot them, the asteroids hit you and make your shield decrease. Either way you cant win. Once you get past this, the levels appear rather similar and shooting rocks in space just doesnt seem as fun as it did before you experienced To The Earth

The Bottom Line

Poor, but trying to play it will make you laugh, for 5 seconds, then you'll feel the urge to destroy the cart