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Toobin' Credits (NES)

Toobin' NES Title Screen


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Toobin' Credits


The programmersFranz Lanzinger, David O'Riva
GraphicsGreg Williams, David O'Riva
Music and soundBrad Fuller, Don Diekneite, John Paul, Hal Canon, Suzan Lanzinger, Franz Lanzinger
Game TestersBryan Datu, Michael Klug, Pat Riley, Jeff Yonan, Kevin Bowman, Laura Causey, Tatia Marsolais, Manny Miranda, Sam Reyes, Alma Romero, Ed Wood
Coinop gameDennis Harper, Milt Loper, Gary Stark, Russell Dawe, Gary Stempler, Doug Snyder, David Wiebenson
Coinop graphicsWill Noble, Mark West, Deborah Short
Software toolsJim Blum, David O'Riva, David Theurer, Russell Dawe
Original musicBrad Fuller, Hal Canon, Suzan Lanzinger
Classical musicJohann Sebastian Bach, Bedřich Smetana
ManagersSteve Calfee, Randy Broweleit, Dan Van Elderen
Sales managersJohn Fowler, Mike Taylor, Richard P. Wnuk
Thanks toMichael Alexander, Binky T Clown, Lisa Ching, Bill Hindorff, Erich Horn
Thanks also toBrian Hurley, Marie Julian, Chris McComb, Steve Woita, and many more

Credits (Manual)

ProgrammersFranz Lanzinger, David O'Riva
GraphicsGreg Williams (Gregg Williams), David O'Riva
AudioBrad Fuller, Don Diekneite, John Paul
Additional MusicSuzan Lanzinger
ThanksMichael Alexander, Bill Hindorff, Jeff Yonan, Sam Reyes, Bryan Datu
Art & Graphic DesignLouis Saekow Design

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