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The Trolls in Crazyland Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen (Japanese)
Intro: the girl with a bird is entering an amusement park
Intro - teh evil!
Intro - out hero enters the amusement park to save the girl
Every level starts with a similar introduction
Starting a game: kicking a ball at clowns
Such stairs a typical throughout the game
Roller coaster level!
Told ya. It's typical.
When the boy's red his weapon is most deadly
Creepy jungle
Helpless moles. Kill 'em!
Gone fishing
Action-filled screen
Monkey boss (boss monkey?)
Another roller coaster level!
Weird level
Even more weird
Captn Silver?
Weasel boss?
This is the only level with a different intro
Yet another roller coaster level! Yay!
Take that you... evil!
You're about to be saved!
Oh noes!
Saved, finally?
Password entry screen
Continue or the angel will float away
European legal screen
European title screen
The boy becomes a troll in the European release