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VideoGame (May, 1991)
Neste jogo, como em quase todos os jogos de esportes, o que vale é a habilidade do jogador. O cartucho oferece, ainda, excelentes pontos de vista para arremessos e "enterradas".
There have been some good basketball games on the market but all lacked one or two important features. Ultimate Basketball easily lives up to its name as it includes almost everything. I especially like the substitutions and the stamina meter. It plays fast and is fun!
Ultimate Basketball is a tad generic, but it is one of the better NES basketball games. Whether playing by yourself or with a friend, you'll have a good time. Or if you don't feel like playing, you can watch an entire computer-controlled game with the mere push of a button. It may not be as fun as watching NBA ball, but at least the players aren't spoiled millionaires.
To sum up: the game has good production values, but falls short in terms of gameplay.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 02, 2005)
Ultimate Basketball's graphics are very good, with a finely detailed court and even players sitting on the bench. Dunks, three pointers, and foul shots are rendered with impressive full-screen animations. These high-flyers are fun to watch, but it's hilarious when they "forget" to dunk and come down with the ball instead - resulting in a traveling violation! The CPU opponent is excessively cheap, intercepting and stealing at will, so you'll want to stick with the two-player action. Ultimate Basketball offers a half-time show, but it's incredibly boring, so what's the point? One thing Ultimate Basketball does have going for it is the music - it rocks. But despite high marks for audio and presentation, Ultimate Basketball takes a back seat to Double Dribble when it comes to b-ball action on the NES.
16 (Dec, 2013)
Pass, run, it doesn’t matter. The computer has godlike abilities and will not hesitate to show off their skills. Never mind that each team is supposed to have strengths and weaknesses. They all play more or less the same: better than you. I suppose you could play two-player and not deal with the cheap computer. The game would then morph from complete worthlessness into semi-competence. Then again, Tecmo NBA Basketball is a great game for one and two-players alike. Forgotten Ultimate Basketball once was, forgotten it should be again.