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The Video Game Critic (Dec 25, 2001)
Subsequent stages feature additional challenges like bomb disarming, bosses, and more driving action. I had so much fun playing this game that it was hard to stop long enough to write the review. The graphics are outstanding and the control is right on the money. If you want to have a good time on your NES, you can't go wrong with Ultimate Stuntman.
N-Force (Jul, 1992)
The levels are large and varied enough to be regarded as mini-games and each is loaded to the brim with power-ups and items to collect. On balance only an average title. Make sure you have a good look at it before parting with your hard earned wonga!
While some of the included modes are seriously lacking in depth, as an entire product Ultimate Stuntman works and works quite well; the games are varied enough in style and while being simple, to a certain extent, they all show care was taken in making them. Ultimate Stuntman is very entertaining and will keep your attention until you've beaten it once or twice, while the racing sequences will have you coming back for more. Another well-done title by Codemasters that doesn't fail to impress.
75 (Dec, 2013)
Two annoyances: the needless time limit, and the, at times, overwhelming difficulty. The latter is to be expected in an NES title, I suppose, but the former forces you to collect clocks in each stage to extend the time. If you don’t collect clocks, there’s barely enough time to complete each stage, and the game’s difficult enough as is. As a whole, though, these issues don’t lessen the game’s enjoyability. Ultimate Stuntman might be rough around the edges, but its rugged demeanor and devil-may-care attitude will leave you wanting more.
Video Games (Oct, 1993)
Vom kuriosen Autorennen bis zur gnadenlosen Wüstenralley, Luftkämpfe und Wasserschlacht - Eurem Helden bleibt nichts erspart. Flotter Sound heizt die Stimmung an und viele Details und Ebenen sorgen für Abwechslung. Die Steuerung arbeitet butterweich und reagiert exakt. Leider gibt's kein Paßwortsystem und keine Continues.
Total! (Germany) (Aug, 1993)
Ultimate Stuntman ist sicher nicht der Action-Knaller des Jahres '93. Die Spielelemente können einzeln betrachtet nicht mit den Genre-Fürsten konkurrieren. Nur die recht gut gelungene Mixtur aus diesen 'Bausteinen' rettet das Modul vor dem Fall in die Mittelmäßigkeit.
This experience encapsulates the overreach of the title’s ambitions, not even being a “jack of all trades, master of none,” but rather jack of some trades, with some modes being pleasant while others being a complete pain. Graphically it’s impressive, and the bouncy “bubblegum” music with a great bass line will have you grooving.
Spy Hunter? The wall-climbing bit from the (very) old Spiderman game? Green Beret? They're all in here, for your pleasure. Or not. None of them are particularly captivating and they aren't helped by any fancy graphics or snappy tunes. It's not worth bothering with and the best thing you could probably do here is get a stand-in to play it for you (ho ho).