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The Uncanny X-Men Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen... which cycles the faces of all the X-Men
Level Selection
Character Selection Screen and biographies
Storm and Cyclops take on a robot army in the future city
Iceman and an Invincibilty powerup
Iceman shoots at a snake enemy
Jelly balls chase after Nightcrawler
X-Men in the subterranian level
Strange underground passages
Strange stuff all around
Wolverine all alone
Iceman and Storm in the robofactory
Iceman has fallen, only Storm remains
Wolverine in a spaceship
A blue wolverine due to the palette changing
A big blue blob chases Iceman
Colossus and Nightcrawler in practice mode
Another screenshot of practice mode
CPU player is .... useless
Blue location
Strange springs
Alone Iceman vs... blobs? oO
Machines to practice