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Whomp 'Em Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Starting in the tutorial stage, performing an upward stab
Climbing the cliffs in the tutorial stage
After completing the tutorial stage, you have the option of selecting from among 6 lands
Descending a chasm in the ice ritual
Cruising through ice ritual
The ice ritual boss
Collecting a power heart in the sacred woods
Climbing a large hollow tree in the sacred woods
The sacred woods boss
The fire test, with lava, phoenix birds, and animal skeletons
The great outdoors of the fire test
The fire test boss
The secret cliff
Using a cloud totem to quickly elevate through the secret cliff
The secret cliff boss
Bouncing off of large leaves and other creatures in the magic forest
Magical backdrop plants in the magic forest
The magic forest boss
Ready for a swim in the water test
Cascades in the water test
The frog boss at the end of the water test
Being whisked away to the cloud kingdom for the final challenge
Fighting through the cloud kingdom
Entering the evil temple
The boss of the temple