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Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth Credits

16 people


Producer (Cyclone System)Yoshiyuki Ishikawa (石川佳幸)
Planners (Cyclone System)Hiroshi Kazama (風間浩), Shoichi Yoshikawa (吉川昇一)
Game Design & Scenario (Cyclone System)Shoichi Yoshikawa (Nao Kuramoto [倉本奈緒])
Wurm & Moby Character Design (Cyclone System)Masasuke Aruga (有賀正祐)
Title Logo, Character, & Zack Character Design (Cyclone Design)Shoichi Yoshikawa (吉川 昇一)
3D Enemy DesignCyclone System Staff
Object DesignShoichi Yoshikawa (吉川 昇一 [Cyclone System]), Taeko Suzuki (鈴木多恵子), Kayo Abe (阿部かよ)
Background DesignTaeko Suzuki (鈴木多恵子), Masasuke Aruga (有賀 正祐 [Cyclone System]), Tetsushi Nakamura (中村鉄嗣 [Cyclone System]), Shoichi Yoshikawa (吉川 昇一 [Cyclone System])
Graphic Director (Cyclone System)Shoichi Yoshikawa (Nao Kuramoto [倉本 奈緒])
Main ProgrammerTanabe [田辺]
Programmers (Cyclone System)Eiji Mizutani (水谷英治), Masaaki Nagakura (永倉正明)
Sound DesignDota Ando (安藤童太)
Testing (Cyclone System)Hiroshi Kazama (風間 浩)
Vazolder GodparentHiroshi Kazama (風間 浩)
Underground Battle Space GodparentShoichi Yoshikawa (Nao Kuramoto [倉本 奈緒])
Programmed byCyclone System Co. Ltd. [[株] サイクロンシステム [倒産]]
Licensed to and translated in association withSMS Co. Ltd. [[株] SMS]
Produced bySOFEL Co. Ltd. [[株] ソフエル], Asmik Corporation of America [アスミック・コーポレーション・オブ・アメリカ]

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