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Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen (US)
Title Screen (Japanese)
The Wurm is trapped underground!
Starting location
Firing at a hostile green creature
You can use the drill to go through
You should put yourself in an upright position again, otherwise you'll fall down
Drilling through the green material, looking at a snail
Hi there, birdie!
eyestalks from a Beholder-like enemy detach to attack the Wurm
an ancient underground lake is not passable while the Wurm crawls on the ground. Mode change!
The possibility value reflects the Wurm's chances of winning the battle. It goes up as more information is discovered about the opponent (by crewmembers)
Proceeding on foot, Captain Moby comes across strange structures in the cavern
Captain Moby's main weapon is a pistol which fires projectiles but has limited ammunition
Pitfalls require Captain Moby to leap over them
Captain Moby attacks an enemy with her high kick
From the bridge of the Wurm, Captain Moby detects an incoming enemy
These ruins seem quiet but...
Underground isn't all rock, but open areas allowing enemies to swarm
Keeping track of the Wurm's current position underneath the earth
During first person battles, Moby is able to consult crewmembers for suggestions
Some levels change from a horizontal side-scrolling shooter to a top-down vertical shooter
In the top-down sequences, the drill works the same as before and goes through obstacles
enemies don't make it easy to maneuver into that loose rock
As the game progresses, the Wurm will be able to use an energy shield weapon
Swarms of enemies converge on the Wurm
As the game continues, the Wurm will receive special weapons to help it in battle
An underground dinosaur. Note how there is 0% possibility to defeat him at this point
The Game Over screen shows the current password for the level