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91 (Feb, 2014)
If it weren’t for its clumsy (if not intriguing) name, Xexyz might be mentioned among the NES heavy-hitters – Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Castlevania. For now, it’s a cult classic begging to be rediscovered.
Random Access (Jul 27, 2014)
Xexyz does what other games Xexyzn't. It combines platforming and space-shooter action into one tight package and wraps it with a bow of high difficulty. Tip-top reflexes are a must. It may not be the fanciest game in the world — that "imformation" typo remains glaring throughout the game — and it will certainly fend off a few casual players, but for those looking for a challenge, it'll keep you coming back... until you finish it in a few hours' time and then get back to whatever people do in real life. Fishing and Yahtzee for all!
The controls for the game feel good in your hands, and the graphics are pleasant and cartoony if not outstanding. Backgrounds in particular pop out, and the soundtrack is pretty good.
PixlBit (Dec 06, 2013)
Even with its problems, Xexyz is still a game that's worth experiencing at least once, especially with the nice music and all. It could have used a little more polish with the controls and difficulty, and it will take time and patience to progress past the middle of the game, but it's time well spent. If you're into both platformers and shoot 'em ups, then you must make sure to have this in your NES collection. Just don’t go into it expecting the precision of Super Mario Bros. or Gradius.
That’s the sort of encounter that winds up giving me rose-colored memories years down the road -- those amazing moments where I rise above my usual skill level to overcome a fearsome challenge. Fortunately, while Xexyz might have its failings and frustrations (particularly with its shooting stages), it still brings the fun. It's worth a look because it's a strange little title loaded with all sorts of neat little things that really shouldn't fit together, but the action is fun enough to convince players to stay around to see the entire game.
Despite being difficult, not to mention hard to pronounce, Xexyz is a game that's fun to play.
Not a fabulous game, but one that offers enough to draw most action fans.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 15, 2010)
There are side-scrolling, space-ship shooting sections that branch, but if you guess the wrong route you'll have to repeat the entire area. Who in the heck thought that was a good idea?? Probably the same guy who put dead ends in the platform areas! The looping background music is so grating that I actually muted the volume. Xexyz doesn't make much sense, and the dialogue would be unbearable if not for amusing typos like "I can give you some imformation." Xexyz does a lot of things, but does none of them particularly well. Lacking an identity of its own, Xexyz finds itself suspended in the "realm of games that time forgot".