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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
An overhead view of Hyrule
Be careful not to wander off the beaten path.
Visiting a town can provide useful information and restore health.
Zelda's resting location
The entrance to a temple
Exploring a temple.
This heart will increase my health-bar permanently.
There are many locked doors in the temples, and the keys are often well guarded.
The boss in the first temple. He's easy, just hit him in the head.
You can learn a new magic spell in every village.
The second temple can be found in this swamp. The demon and the two slimes represents harder and easier encounters.
When fighting knights, you need good reflexes. Use your shield to block their attacks.
Helmet-head is the boss in the second temple. Go for his head, just like you did with the first boss.
Hooray, I found the raft!
I'm using the down-stab attack.
Using the raft to get across the ocean.
You need the fairy-spell to reach some places.
Using fire magic to kill jumping spiders.
My spells and items can be seen here.
Breaking blocks to get to a key. To be able to do this, you need the magic glove.
This horrifying wraith is the guardian of the fourth temple.
When you kill enemies, you get experience points. When enough is gained, you can upgrade your attack, magic, or life.
I have to hurry, the bridge is collapsing under my feet!
His attacks are easy to avoid if you use the jump spell before the fight.
The fire-spitting dragon in the sixth temple. If you get hit, it's easy to get pushed into the lava.
Living jelly is attacking from above, in the last temple.
This was the hardest boss for me, he throws fireballs all over the place.
Link fighting his own shadow.
Game over
Famicom Disk System Title Screen
The Famicom Disk System Version of the Game Over screen. Note that it's much simpler and misspells "Ganon."