The Neverending Story II: The Arcade Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Intro to the first level
Silver City
Got caught
Controlling Falkor
Climbing up the castle
Fighting alongside Atreyu

DOS version

Level 1 introduction
The book
Remember the movie?
Select Video Mode
Select input Device (VGA)
Captured - Spanish (VGA)
The End (VGA)
The book (CGA)
Remember the movie? (CGA)
Select input Device (CGA)
Introduction 1 - Spanish (CGA)
Introduction 2 - Spanish (CGA)
Start Level 1 (CGA)
Captured - Spanish (CGA)
Before game over - Spanish (CGA)
The End (CGA)

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Second load screen
Game menu
Just what you don't want when you're on a quest - an army of giants appearing from out of the ground!
The game starts here
Bastian can run up steps. Both he and the giants can be hared to see against the detailed background
Past one giant, now a leap to the next section where giants are also appearing
Thought I could leap over this one as it appeared. I couldn't. They're not called giants for nothing
This, I think, is the 'Do you want to continue' screen. I could not get it to display properly. Pressing FIRE did start a new game though
Running to the right, now on to the third screen