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Atari Black Friday

NFL Quarterback Club Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
Showing some pictures of NFL quarterbacks.
Choose your teams.
Will you play as Cowboys or Bills and who is home and away?
Pro or rookie?
Play as players or Xs and Os?
How long will the quarters be?
Coin toss: Heads or tails?
It's tails. Will you receive or kick?
At the kick-off.
#29 returned it to the 22 yard line.
What offencive category to choose?
Choose a play.
Incomplete pass
Turnover on downs
What defensive category will you choose?
Trying to blitz
That's what I said.
They're trying to kick for the extra point.
And it's good!
Playing as Xs and Os.

Game Gear version

Title screen
Mode selection
Team selection
Kick Off
Choose your play