Asphalt: Urban GT 2 Screenshots (N-Gage)

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N-Gage version

Title screen
Main menu, selecting Arcade mode
Arcade mode menu, selecting single race
Arcade mode, vehicle class selection
Choosing Mini Cooper S
All factory paint colours are available
Nice rims
Arcade mode, track selection
The game offers helpful hints when loading track
Loading screen
Ready to race!
If you're goin' to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...
Rear driving view, some cash bonuses ahead
Roof driving view, Nitrous bonus items ahead
Driving into the cablecar, not recommended
In-car driving view
Deploying Nitro!
Onscreen: Wanted-meter, collected cash, race position, minimap, laptime, and the position of the closest rival car
Drive too fast into a speedcam and the cops will develop interest in you
When there is a reward on you, the police will try to stop you...
...and they won't be gentle people... the best course out is to deploy triple nitro and get the hell out!
Finished first!
End-of-race summary
Breakdown of collected bonuses
Multiplayer menu
Hosting a Championship race over Bluetooth
Championship race type selection
Waiting for other players...
Main menu, choosing Evolution mode
Evolution mode starts with Test drives
Selecting the Qualification
Oh yes, it's Mercedes Benz SLR and I am ready
Caught by the speedcam again
Replay mode
Replay mode
Replay mode
Replay mode
That girl is happy about my victory
By winning the Evolution test drive, the reward me with a Swedish motocross bike