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MLB Slam! Credits (N-Gage)

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MLB Slam! Credits

Created by Hexacto Games, Inc.

ProgrammingDominic Marier, Sauleil Ménard-Lamarre, Yann Com-Nougué, David Beaulieu, Jean-François Duff
Framework ProgrammingJean-Roch Roy, Patrick Prémont, Mario Dubois, Bruno Flamand, Sauleil Ménard-Lamarre, Dominic Marier
Game DesignSylvain Croteau, Stephen David Wark, Stéphane Brochu, Gaël Léger
Art DirectionHervé Desrosiers
Graphic DesignMartin Gauthier, Simon Nadeau
Sound ProductionPatrice Coulombe
Executive ProducerSylvain Croteau
ProducersAlexandre Taillefer, Alexandre Thabet, Patrick Minotti, Derek Zakaib
Special ThanksMichel Bérubé

THQ Wireless

Executive ProducerStuart Platt
ProducerChristopher S. Field, Jeremy Rosenthal
Assistant ProducerDenise Pater
Marketing ManagerKelley C. Carroll
Test LeadMatthew S. Lee
TestersDane Ammon, Dioscoro Rochino, Jason Deckman, Jeremy Moseley, Jonathyn Brown, Kevin Ocampo, Thomas Lynch, Yelena Zelinskaya

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toNoah Garden, The MLB, Eric E. Rivera, The MLBPA

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (568128)