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The Sims: Bustin' Out Screenshots (N-Gage)

User Screenshots

N-Gage version

Make a new sim here.
Title screen.
One of the N-Gage specific mini-games: Snakes, which was very popular on then cell phones.
Someone's desperate for some loo-time.
Things I have so far.
With that newspaper you can't see shh... Which is not such a bad thing.
The map of the Sim... Town?
There are different mini-games where you can earn the money.
Current storyline objectives.
Sim gives an introductory speech when you first meet them.
Just prancing around.
Sims like to be clean. Even if it means taking a very public shower.
You can swim in the pool that will both fill your bathing (eww) and entertainment needs.
Someone's want to talk to me.
Nokia phone in an N-Gage game. Why would you advertise an inferior model?
Going into your farm.
Your uncle is the NPC you first meet.
Another of N-Gage exclusive games: Tennis, which is Pong with the ability to move on the field.
Shopping for kitchen appliances.