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IGN (Aug 02, 2004)
Spider-Man 2 is an unfortunate underachiever. The game has lofty intentions by mixing up gameplay styles, but what gamers end up with a side-scrolling game of Game Boy Advance caliber (which is not an insult) interrupted by jaggy, un-fun PSone 3-D swingfests. At this point, designers shouldn't be spotlighting the N-Gage's dated tech, as Spider-Man 2's 3-D sequences make a solid argument that Nokia should have upgraded the gaming gear inside the QD. If you own a N-Gage or a QD, Spider-Man 2 is a decent purchase -- just lower any expectations you have coming off the superior console version.
60 (Aug 29, 2004)
All-in-all Spider-Man 2 for N-Gage is more ho-hum than spectacular or amazing. The 2D graphics are nice but the 3D levels need some work. The sound effects and music are so-so and the gameplay could have some more variety. It is not the worst game I have ever played but it is also not close to being the best. It seems like Spider-Man 2 for N-Gage is another one of those games that uses the license to sell instead of the actual gameplay and fun factor, and that is disappointing.
GameSpot (Jul 22, 2004)
Between the uninspired gameplay and the occasionally crippling bugs, Spider-Man 2 for the N-Gage is a very difficult title to recommend. While the N-Gage doesn't have very many side-scrolling 2D games, this one doesn't fill the gap very well at all.
GameSpy (Jul 16, 2004)
Diehard fans of the license will probably shrug off my gripes with this game. If you're hoping to get a darn good game out of this, though, you'll be sorely disappointed. It may look like Splinter Cell in many ways, but for those hoping for a similar action experience, you might as well keep waiting. N-Gage Arena support is bare-bones, and adds nothing to a good-looking, but substance-void package. I expected more from Digital Eclipse and this power-packed franchise.
GameDaily (Aug 17, 2004)
What translates as a hit in one place doesn't mean that it will automatically do it in another. While Spider-Man 2 does wonders as a movie and also as a multi-console release for the major systems, but it scores as a major dud on the N-Gage, ill-equipped with its unlikable gameplay, its horrid 3D sequences, and its lack of general excitement. Some of the sounds are good, and the game is true to its source material, but if it doesn't keep you enthralled in webbing around New York, there really isn't much of a point. This Spider-Man's not even close to being a hero.