Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Credits

Developed By IdeaWorks3D

Lead ProgrammerDave Poston
ProgrammerAdam Taylor
Lead ArtistKevin Wafer
Additional ProgrammingJeremy Adams, Tom Beaumont, Tom Lynn, William Osborn, Brian Pearson, Matt Selby, Srikanth Bandi, Matthew Flowers, Gary Phillips, Martin Wood
Airplay Technology Lead ArchitectRobert Bjanason
Airplay UI ProgrammingAndy Curran
Executive ProductionAdrian Sack
UI DesignAdrian Sack
Art DirectionAdrian Sack
Special ThanksAndy Perkins, Frazer Wilson, Thor Gunnarsson, Jenny Ekelund, Aaron Dover

Co-Published By Activision, Inc.

Director, Business Development & LicensingDave Anderson
Manager, Business Development & Emerging PlatformsJon Estanislao
ProducerKen Love
Code Release Group ManagerTim Vanlaw
Senior Project LeadJason Potter
Project LeadFrankie Kang
QA TestersPaul Fortin, Alex Hirsch, Jeremy Richards

Co-Published By Nokia

Special ThanksNokia Games Publishing, Nokia Entertainment & Media Marketing Groups

Special Thanks

Will Kassoy, Gary Pfeiffer, Ted Chi, Michael Ward, Stacey Ganem, Philip Terzian, Paula Cuneo, Justin Berenbaum, Stacey Rivas


"Committed"Performed by Unsane, Chris Spencer (Writer), Vinny Signorelli (Writer), Dave Curran (Writer), Published by Relapse Release Publishing [ASCAP], All rights administered by Rykomusic Inc., 'Committed' is taken from the Unsane album 'Occupational Hazard' courtesy of Relapse Records,
"Cyco Vision"Performed by Suicidal Tendencies, Mike Muir (Writer), Mike Clark (Writer), Published by BHG Musick [BMI], 'Cyco Vision' available on the Suicidal Tendencies album 'Freedumb', appears courtesy of BHG Musick and Suicidal Records,
"Euro‑Barge"Performed by The Vandals, Josh Freese (Writer), Published by Slip N Bleed Music [BMI], 'Euro-Barge' available on The Vandals album 'Hitler Bad Vandals Good', appears courtesy of Nitro Records
"Jerry Was a Race Car Driver"Performed by Primus, Written by Primus, Published by Sturgeon [BMI], 'Jerry Was a Race Car Driver' available on the Primus album 'Sailing the Seas of Cheese', appears courtesy of Interscope Records, under license from Universal Music Special Markets
"Police Truck"Performed by Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra (Writer), Written by East Bay Ray, Published by Decay Music [BMI], 'Police Truck' available on the Dead Kennedys album 'Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death', appears courtesy of Decay Music
"Nothing to Me"Performed by Speedealer, Written by Speedealer, Published by Star Pod Music [BMI]/Cracked Out Music [BMI], 'Nothing to Me' available on the Speedealer album 'Speedealer', appears courtesy of Royalty Records
"Vilified"Performed by Even Rude, Keith Kaplan (Writer), David Wadsworth (Writer), Christopher King (Writer), Published by Even Rude [BMI], 'Vilified' available on the Even Rude album 'Superabsorbant', appears courtesy of Even Rude,

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66813)