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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 04/2001:


    (Speech bubbles)

    Les mato, muchasos.

    I will kick your ass right now, buddy.

    Hasta la vista, baby.

    On leur arrache la tète ou on les descend?

    Wir sehen sie, Sir. Sir, sie sind Geschichte.

    Ihr feigen Würmer. Nicht drängeln, jeder kriegt 'ne Kugel ab.

    So, die stellen wir einfach an die Wand.

    Wer Skrupel hat, hat hier keine Chance. Schlachte die hinterlistigsten Würmer jetzt online ab – auf PC und jetzt ganz neu auch online über Dreamcast. Vernichte sie, egal wo Du auf sie triffst und führe deine Armee zum Sieg. Aber nimm doch vor explodierenden Schafen in acht.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (245718) on Oct 12, 2010. - N-Gage (German):
    Eins der weltweit beliebtesten, süchtig machenden und unterhaltsamsten Spiele für die N-Gage Game-Decks mit aktuellen Online-Multiplayer- Funktionen. Worms World Party ist lustig und bietet Multiplayer-Matchmaking-Möglichkeiten. Unzählige Spieloptionen sorgen dafür, dass du es immer wieder spielen möchtest. Willst du dir deine Hände in einem kurzen Feuergefecht dreckig machen oder lieber richtig lange trainieren - vielleicht bis zur Worms-Party?

    Contributed by Xoleras (66668) on Nov 11, 2005.

Worms World Party Website:
    One of the worlds most fun, wackiest, addictive and enjoyable game's hits the Dreamcast in its most multi-player/on-line focused form todate! Worms World Party is the perfect online gaming experience, on a global scale, with its mixture of globally appealing humour, outrageous entertainment, addictive game-play and myriad of game modes and options. This World Party edition contains a massively focused section for multiplayer games, including co-operative and confrontational multi-player missions, new fantastic multi-player game modes and much, much more besides. The very nature of the game means that the game - and all it's multiplayer delights can also be enjoyed by a group around a single PC or console, although nothing beats the delight of despatching a homing missile 14,000 miles across the planet to sink your foes! Multi-player simultaneous play, from ANYWHERE in the world! The game has hardly any discernible 'lag' and promotes a social feel with players chatting. Playing online has never been so much fun, play against other wormers from anywhere on the planet. Special areas divide game types up such as Beginner, Anything Goes etc... Participate in group battles with teams allied or not. Chat with other wormers not only prior to a game but after as well Huge online community. Huge community already exists with websites covering everything from Clans to tactics. Jokes, stories, cartoons, tips. Just about everything you can imagine for wormers. Award winning online & strategy game-play. This is the funniest and most addictive game you'll ever play. It's hilarious fun that you can enjoy on your own or with all your friends. Now that online play is here you'll always have a friend to play against. PC CDRom Features Fantastic new game-play modes. WormPot is a fast and attractive way of gaining many different ways to play Worms from just a select few scenarios (for example Fortress mode where the worms fight from their own fort at either ends of the landscape). By adding the different modes of play together to create over 400 different combinations. The WormPot as three different reels - each game mode is represented by an icon on these reels, the reels will spin when a button is a hit, they will slow to a stop leaving you with three remaining icons. Add all of these together and you see what attributes your game will have. Players can also select manually which modes to include in their game. Fantastic New Editor. Ever wanted to make your own missions in the Worms setting? Well now you can. Training levels and missions can be created or edited, even clan games can be set-up using the editor. Edited or new missions can be placed on the Net for friends to download. Just about everything can be edited including specific crate drops, armouries, environment settings and all general game options. All missions from previous Worms games can be recreated, changed or new ones can be made completely from scratch.

    * Familiar windows look. * Straight forward and easy to use interface. * New features available not seen in previous worms missions. * Extensive control over all in-game functions and features. * Endless possibilities to create unique and exciting games Fantastic new multiplayer game modes, missions and sections. The new multi-player game modes will allow players to constantly change the way Worms is played. Specialist Worms mode as one for example: -Here each worm on a team can only use so many weapons, one worm can only use projectile type weapons, while another can only use darkside weapons. Games will change dramatically as certain worms are knocked out. 20 multiplayer missions, all of which can be played online. Taking missions further, players can now team up with a buddy to tackle these co-operative missions where working together is the only way to win. Alternatively players can check out the competitive missions and fight in specially prepared scenarios, which are unlike any match you've ever played before. Hugely expanded training modes. Hone those worming skills! Training now covers much more from basic to advanced and teaches Newbie Wormers tactics which will prove invaluable online. Target training now includes civilian targets, which hinder your attempts to become the best. Check those targets! Worms Weapon Library. Earn tips from the top! The Wormopeadia gives instructions on every weapon and utility along with unique tips straight from the cream of Wormers. User definable gravestones, flags, team configurations & much more from within the menu system. Personalise your team with your choice of flags, gravestones even change they way your worms sound. Just about ever aspect of your team can be altered. All multiplayer modes available locally, online or a mixture of both! All Wormpot modes and multiplayer missions can be played hotseat style or online. Brush up at home then show off your skills to anyone from around the world. Additional PC enhancements. New front-end complete, New WWP music, New Soundbanks, New Custom landscapes, In-game graphics, better control support, new sound and many many more.

    Contributed by Cochonou (1093) on Apr 05, 2001.